Friday, March 1, 2019

The One He Kept For Me!

Sometimes God waits for that right moment to send you someone special. When your not looking and not expecting it he places someone right in your path. That's how I found the love of my life, after attending church for a few weeks I had no idea that the guy on the camera would be the one God designed for me. Its amazing when you meet someone who's lifestyle and upbringing is completely opposite from yours yet you have everything in common. I never thought that I would fall for a guy who was born and raised in a church & both parents were pastors. Here I am just fresh out of going to the clubs dating a guy who wasn't experienced in having a relationship and was saving himself for marriage. But non of that mattered in fact those were the reasons why it was easy to love and trust him and why I knew he would honor me and our relationship. Out in the world, we learn that experience, lust and sex makes someone attracted to you, but Gods word shows us that obedience and faithfulness will bring us peace and joy with the one we love. As we grew closer together, I grew closer to God and I learned to love a man the way God intended it to be.

It didn't take long for us to realize God had placed us together for a reason. As months passed we knew we didn't want to be apart & everyone around us knew we had something special. It's so refreshing knowing that family and friends on both sides are rooting for you. Everyone could see how we balanced each other out, we were exactly what the other person needed. It only took a few months before we both knew we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives and a year later we said "I Do"

"Love is not a feeling, its a spiritual endeavor"
Because we love God FIRST we know what it means to love each other.

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  1. Beautiful, this gives me hope. Maybe, I should stop looking and let God send him.